This wooden children’s sand table will provide countless hours of fun and sensory play for your kids, while the real solid pine wood construction is much stronger and durable than plastic tables to stand up to the weather elements. The bottom is made of solid, high quality very smooth plywood with no splinters. All boards are screwed together to form a very sturdy and safe play table.

We offer a personalization option on this table. For further information see the section below under Upgrades.

The raised play area means the children will not be sitting in the sand. We supply these tables in a variety of heights, so that you can select the best one for your child. The large play area is ideal for multiple kids to play around it together.


Top of the table measures 24 inches by 48 inches and is 4.5 inches deep.
The following heights are available at no extra cost:
20 inches
25 inches
30 inches
Just send us a message with your preferred height when you checkout.

PLEASE NOTE: Sand, toys and kids are not included.

All holes are pre-drilled for you and all assembly hardware is provided. Instruction sheet for exact assembly will be included. In about 10-15 minutes your new play table will be complete. All that is left to do is pick a spot to place your sand table.

Additional Options

These can be added to your shopping cart above. The pictures below are intended to show examples of the options available.

24" x 48" sand play table

stain and waterproofing

Water sealant and stain finish can also be added if you would prefer that. All boards will be given two coats so that it is sure to last you many years even if left outside in rough weather. There are four options of stain color - see the picture to the left to decide what you might want and email us your choice of color when you order. The optional cost for this is $25.


If you would like your play table made with all stainless steel hardware, we can do that for you. All screws used will be stainless steel. The optional additional cost for this is $10.


We can personalize this item with up to 4 names, if you would like. The names are burned into the wood, an example of which can be seen above. The optional extra cost for this is
1 Name = $30
2 Names = $55
3 Names = $75
4 Names = $95


These custom fitting play table covers are made from Vinyl Coated Polyester for a sturdy, water resistant finish that will help keep sand as dry as possible when it rains. The cover comes with snaps and screws that attach it to your wooden sand table when it’s not in use to prevent animals from using the sand as a litter box. The optional cost for this is $35.

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24" x  48" sand table


Personalization - add one name

Personalization - add two names$55.00
Personalization - add three names
Personalization - add four names
Protective Snap On Cover$35.00
Add Stain and Sealant$25.00
Add Stainless Steel Hardware$10.00