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These birdhouse kits are hand crafted and made completely from 100% solid cedar wood. They are supplied ready for you to assemble. Photos 3-4 above show how they will appear when they have been fully assembled and mounted. All holes are pre-drilled, and screws and nails are included for assembly.

These kits are ideal for Scout or Summer Camps or a kids party activity, to enable the children to participate in caring for the environment while helping to develop basic woodworking skills.

Our bluebird houses are made to meet the North American bluebird society nestbox specifications. See details below. Make sure the bluebird houses you buy meet all of the NABS specifications.

These houses are great for attracting the bluebirds for your viewing enjoyment. The roof is at a 10 degree pitch that overhangs on the front for a good look and also allows water to run off for safety. There are small ventilation / drainage gaps on the front and back to allow appropriate drainage and also to help with healthy air circulation. Designed for the birds comfort and to keep predators out.


1 1/2 inch entry hole for eastern bluebirds

1 9/16 inch entry hole for western or mountain bluebirds

5 inch roof overhang above the entry hole (wooden guards placed over the entry do not help prevent raccoon predation)

Air circulation and drainage holes

No perches (perches only attract other birds such as sparrows)

Easy to open from front for cleaning purposes

Rough inner walls under the entry hole to help chicks with climbing up


15 inches tall

6 inches wide

6 1/2 inches in house depth

12 1/2 inches in house height

Available in any quantity. Just let us know how many you would like us to make for you.

5 bluebird house KITS



10 bluebird house KITS


20 bluebird house KITS



bluebird house KITS