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1 Duck House



2 Duck Houses


This is a very large, all cedar wood duck house. The house is hand crafted and made completely from 100% solid cedar wood. This wood duck house has appropriate nesting space and is very easy to hang in trees or on posts. Wood ducks like to do their nesting in cavity areas but cannot make the cavity dwellings on their own. They rely on cavities made by other birds or houses like these that are made for them.

These duck houses are made from solid, wide board cedar. These houses are great for attracting ducks for your viewing enjoyment. Wood ducks, Goldeneyes, Mergansers and Buffleeheads are all likely to use these houses. The roof overhangs the front to keep predators from being able to reach inside the hole from the top. It also gives a good look and also allows water to run off for safety. There are small ventilation / drainage holes and on the sides and bottom to allow appropriate drainage and also to help with healthy air circulation. The grooved ladder on the inside leading up to the hole making it easier for ducklings to exit the house when they are ready. Very easy to clean: one of the sides will hinge open easily by simply removing one place screw.


30 inches inches tall (mounting board size)

24 inches tall (actual house size)

9 1/4 inches wide9 1/4 inches in house depth

3x4 inch oval entry hole

Available in any quantity. Just let us know how many you would like us to make for you.

Duck houses