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stain and waterproofing

If you would like, we will finish your arbor with a durable cedar wood stain and water sealant. This treatment will bring out the color in the wood and drastically slow down the natural cedar aging process. The OPTIONAL additional cost for stain and water sealant treatment on this item is $30. See the picture to decide if you want your order to be natural or stained cedar.


If you would like your arbor made with ALL STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE, we can do that for you. All screws, bolts, washers and nuts will be stainless steel. The OPTIONAL additional cost for this is $30.

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Our all cedar short A-frame can support any 4, 5 or 6 foot porch swing. Made with all cedar wood from 2x4 lumber for a sturdy frame that will last and look good for years. Cedar is naturally rot resistant and pest resistant. 

Because we make all of our items in our shop by hand we can alter any of the dimensions on our products. If you would like to ask about a custom order just email us for a quote.


Footprint - front to back - 74 inches
Footprint - side to side - 96 inches
Height - 62 1/2 inches

Assembly is required and a handful of lag screws and about 15 to 30 minutes of assembly time is all it takes to put this beautiful a-frame together. All hardware and assembly instructions are included.

We also sell this item with a swing in our Arbor Swing category.

short a-frame swing stand



Add Stain and Waterproofing


Add Stainless Steel Hardware


short A-frame Swing Stand