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4 Foot Square Sandbox - email color at checkout



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Add 4 Foot Square Sandbox Cover

Add 5 Foot Square Sandbox Cover
Add 6 Foot Square Sandbox Cover
Add 7 Foot Square Sandbox Cover$125.00
Add Stainless Steel Hardware$30.00

square bench sandboxes

Sandbox Covers

If you would like a cover to fit your sandbox (see photo above and right), you can add that to your shopping cart after selecting your sandbox. The sandbox covers are made from Vinyl Coated Polyester for a sturdy, water resistant finish that will help keep sand as dry as possible when it rains. The cover comes with snaps that attach it to the sandbox when it’s not in use to prevent animals from using the sand as a litter box. It comes with a beach ball for placing in the sandbox to raise the center and allow for water run-off. Screw snaps will be provided for you to put into the sandbox sides.

Stainless Steel Hardware

If you would like your sandbox made with ALL STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE, we can do that for you.All screws used will be stainless steel. The OPTIONAL additional cost for this is $30. This option can be added to your shopping card above after you have selected your sandbox.

additional options

The sandbox is made from real solid pine wood and all boards have 2 coats of water sealant and stain wood finish so that it is sure to last you many years even left outdoors in rough weather. All boards are screwed together to form a very safe and sturdy sandbox. Each sandbox has a depth of nearly 8 inches to contain the sand.

All four sides of the sandbox have a sturdy seating area all the way across strong enough to support children or adults. The sandbox comes with a bottom weed block liner to prevent weeds and grass from growing into the sandbox and to help keep the sand in place while still allowing drainage.


You can select the color of your water sealant and stain wood finish. The options are pictured above. The sandbox in the pictures above is stained Redwood. To select your stain color, please message us with your selected color when you checkout.​

We can make these sandboxes to any size that you need. Just email us for specific sizes and all custom requests.

All holes are pre-drilled for you and all assembly hardware is provided. Instruction sheet for exact assembly will be included. In about 30-60 minutes your new sandbox will be complete. All that is left to do is pick a spot to place your sandbox.