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Each feeder has a larger center bowl, and is 32 inches wide and 12 inches deep.

12 Inches High Feeder


15 Inches High feeder


18 Inches High feeder


20 Inches High feeder


two Quart Bowls outside three quart center bowl

two Quart Bowls

Each feeder is 30 inches wide and 11.25 inches deep.

12 Inches High Feeder


15 Inches High feeder


18 Inches High feeder


20 Inches High feeder


This item is hand crafted from 100% solid pine wood. No cheap lumber or particle board is used at all. All sides are sanded and stained with color of your choice. Your feeder will have 2 coats of clear coat spray polyurethane water sealant. This treatment will provide added, long term protection to your feeder, guarding against drips and spills that will occur over the years of use. The spray coating is clear and will not change the appearance of the wood stain you choose.

We can make a pet feeder for you to fit your needs. Height, bowl size and stain choices are all flexible to accommodate your specific order requests - just ask and we can take care of it.


If you would like, email us with your pets name and we will have it painted on the front of the feeder at no extra change to give it a personal touch for your pet. Black is the most common selection, but the name can be painted in any color of your choice. See the photo below for how this might look.

Elevated feeders help your pet eat more comfortably which allows for healthier digestion of food. These are wooden, sturdy, elevated, 3-bowl pet feeder. Brand new, stainless steel bowls are included (either all 2 quart, or 2 quart size on the sides, and a 3 quart sized bowl in the middle). The larger center bowl is great for 2 dogs sharing a feeder and having a larger shared bowl for water in the middle. This feeder is stained with the wood stain of your choice (please see the picture below and let us know your preferred option when purchasing).

three bowl pet feeders