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deluxe decorative ARBOR SWING bed

The Deluxe Decorative Arbor is huge, and can support one of our 4 or 5 foot swing beds.

Prices start from $1,689.99.

colonial style ARBOR SWING

The Colonial Style Arbor Swing has lattice work to support plant growth, while the colonial swing has horizontal boards for a refined look. Comes in 3 sizes.

Prices start from $1,109.99.

deluxe decorative ARBOR SWING

The Deluxe Decorative Arbor is huge, and provides an impressive item for your yard or garden, while supporting one of our 4 or 5 foot swings.

Prices start from $1,209.99.

4x4 post style arbor swing

The 4x4 Post Style Arbor Swing is designed with large posts that are anchored in the ground. It is available in a choice of 2 sizes and reasonably priced. 

Prices start from $719.99.

freestanding 4x4 arbor swing

The Freestanding 4x4 Arbor Swing is designed to be freestanding and sturdy to support a 4 or 5 foot swing.

Prices start from $859.99.

Pergola style ARBOR SWING

The Pergola Style Arbor Swing is very open allowing for unobstructed views. Available in 3 sizes to fit your needs.

Prices start from $849.99.


The Deluxe Arbor Swing combines the Deluxe Arbor with our Classic Porch Swing. All cedar construction and available in 3 sizes.

Prices start from $999.99.

Arbor Swings