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deluxe classic garden arbor

The Deluxe Classic Arbor is made on a 2x4 frame for sturdy, classic good looks. This arbor comes with optional gates.

Prices from $599.99

decorative garden arbor

The Decorative Arbor has a unique look to create a striking item for your yard. This arbor comes with optional gates.

Prices from $389.99

deluxe decorative garden arbor

This arbor is very large and sturdy enough to support our 4 or 5 foot porch swings or swing beds.

Prices from $919.99

Oversized Lattice Arbor

This large cedar arbor, with optional gates, provides an impressive entry way or accent piece to any garden.

Prices from $639.99.

colonial style garden arbor

This arbor is large and sturdy enough to support our 4-6 foot porch swings, while the lattice work on the sides will support plant growth.

Prices from $739.99

japanese style garden arbor

These all Cedar Arbors feature spacious walk through areas, decorative Japanese style lattice and an elegant look.

Prices from $389.99.

Freestanding arbor/swing stand

This all cedar 4x4 free-standing arbor makes a great swing stand.

Prices from $489.99.

Entry garden arbor/swing stand

This all cedar 4x4 post arbor makes a great gateway to your yard or garden. When posts are set in concrete this also makes a nice swing stand.

Prices from $329.99.

deluxe garden arbor

Well over seven feet tall with either five or six feet of walk through width these arbors are truly massive.

Prices from $649.99.

pergola style garden arbor

An all cedar arbor with wide open view for your yard or garden. Will support a porch swing (see Arbor Swings).

Prices from $479.99.

traditional style garden arbor

The Traditional Arbor is sure to accent any yard or garden at a reasonable price.

Prices from $389.99.

american style garden arbor

This is a little larger than most of arbors we make. The open lattice supports plant growth while allowing a view through the arbor.

Prices from $439.99.

oversized classic garden arbor

By far the largest arbor we make. This arbor will make you feel like a king or queen as you enter your yard or garden.

Prices from $779.99.

window style garden arbor

Supports plant growth and creates a special entrance to your special place. Priced to fit any budget.

Prices from $389.99.

deluxe japanese garden arbor

Our Deluxe Japanese style arbor is made with 2x4 and 2x6 large lumber.

Prices from $559.99.

decorative garden arbor & side panels

This item combines our Decorative Garden arbor with gates and side lattice, for a lovely item for your yard or garden.

Prices from $679.99.

Country Style garden arbor

The Country Style Arbor has a very open style lattice. Strong to support plant growth but still stylish.

Prices from $389.99.

classic garden arbor

The Classic Arbor has good style. It is pictured with optional gates  & made from smaller lumber than the deluxe model.

Prices from $469.99

Deluxe classic garden arbor with panels

This arbor comes with gates and side lattice and is truly huge. Makes the perfect entry way to any yard or garden.

Priced at $1199.99