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This Decorative Garden Arbor is hand crafted and made from real cedar wood. This all Cedar Arbor features spacious walk through area, decorative open style lattice and an elegant look. Constructed from 1x4 and 1x6 cedar (doubled on the legs) for a solid and graceful appearance to look good even when left out in the elements. The extended side pieces are also built on solid frames and easily connect to the arbor on each side.

With the swinging gates and lattice extensions for the side this arbor creates a unique entry way for your yard or garden. The lattice is designed to support plant growth while being open enough to enhance the spacious dimensions of the arbor. This item is sure to accent any garden or yard with its attractive appearance.

Because we make all of our items in our shop by hand we can alter any of the dimensions on our products. If you would like to ask about a custom order just email us for a quote.


80 inches tall

72 inches wide

32 inches deep

73 inches of walkway height clearance

42 inches of walkway width clearance


Each gate stands just under 48 inches


Each side extension stands 48 inches off the ground

Each side piece extends 24 inches out from each side of the arbor.

Item is securely made in separate pieces for simple and fast assembly. All holes are pre-drilled for you and all assembly hardware is provided. Instruction sheet for exact assembly will be included. In about 45-60 minutes your new arbor will be complete. All that is left to do is pick a spot to place your item.

Decorative garden arbor with side panels

Additional Options

These can be added to your shopping cart after you select your arbor. 

Stain and Waterproofing

If you would like, we will finish your arbor with a durable cedar wood stain and water sealant. This treatment will bring out the color in your arbor and drastically slow down the natural cedar aging process. The optional additional cost for this is $80.

Stainless Steel Hardware

If you would like your arbor made with ALL STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE, we can do that for you. All screws, bolts, washers and nuts, will be stainless steel. The optional additional cost for this is $50.

Decorative Garden arbor with gate and extensions


Stain and waterproofing upgrade


Stainless Steel Hardware Upgrade