12 inch high planters

Prices start from $149.99.

9 inch high planters

Prices start from $109.99.

Cedar Planter Boxes

These planters are great for raising your herbs, vegetables and flowers above ground level and making them stand out in your landscaping.They comes in a variety of sizes and heights, so that you can choose what you need for the plants you want to grow. These planter boxes are hand crafted and made entirely from 100% western red cedar wood.  They are built from 1x6 side panels and trimmed with 1x3 wood. The cedar planter is built to last many years and will hold up to rough weather. Because we make these planters by hand, we can make them to whatever size you need. Just contact us if you need something specific that isn't in the categories below.

rectangle planters

These nearly 12 inches tall and 10.5 inches wide planters come in a variety of lengths and 2 different styles. Suitable for windows or your yard, these beautiful boxes are also made from 100% cedar wood and come fully assembled.

Prices start from $84.99.

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trellis planters

Perfect for growing climbing plants, these trellis planters provide plenty of growing space combined with trellis support.

Prices start from $309.99.

potato planters

Great for growing potatoes and root vegetables, these deep planter boxes provide of lots of room for .


18 inch high planters

Prices start from $139.99.

24 inch high planters

Prices start from $199.99.