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These planters are great for raising your flowers above ground level and making them stand out in your landscaping. They work beautifully for any outdoor plants, flowers or even a vegetable garden. They are available in a variety of sizes, either raising nearly 6 inches or nearly 10 inches from the ground.

These elevated gardens are hand crafted and made entirely from 100% western red cedar wood. We do not make these by fastening two pieces together to make each side. We use high quality, wide board cedar so that each side is a full piece. Planters give a spacious landscaping area. They are built to last many years and will hold up to rough weather. The solid corner spikes allow you to anchor it to the ground securely. Add the weight of the soil and the plants and this box isn't going anywhere. This is a great item for any type of gardening or landscaping work.

Raised Garden Planters