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These raised planting tables are great for doing your gardening and working at a comfortable height (the top of each is 36 inches from the ground). Works wonderfully for any outdoor plants, vegetables or flowers. Perfect for that garden where there is no soil such as a rooftop, patio or balcony. Get your plants up above the ground, reducing the chance of flooding to occur. Allows for great drainage and also eliminates weeds.

The elevated garden planters are hand crafted and made entirely from 100% western red cedar wood. The planters give a spacious working area at a comfortable height. This is a great item for any type of gardening or landscaping work. The planting table is built to last many years and will hold up to rough weather. It is built with a strong, deep side frame making it very solid and sturdy. The item will hold up to the weight of the soil when it is full. Cedar is long lasting and will not rot. Cedar does not attract insects.

Available in any size you need. If you need a specific size to fit your area, just email us and let us know what you need and we will take care of it.

Item is securely made in separate pieces for simple and fast assembly. All holes are pre-drilled for you and all assembly hardware is provided. Instruction sheet for exact assembly will be included. All you need to do is place the screws back in the pre-drilled holes. In about 20-40 minutes your new gardening station will be complete. All that is left to do is pick a spot to place your item.

2 feet by 2 feet

2 feet by 3 feet

2 feet by 4 feet

2 feet by 5 feet





2 feet by 6 feet

3 feet by 3 feet

3 feet by 4 feet

4 feet by 4 feet





Additional Options

Stain and Waterproofing - $40

Stainless Steel Hardware - $25

Stainless Steel Hardware

If you would like your planting table made with ALL STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE, we can do that for you. All screws, bolts, washers and nuts will be stainless steel. The OPTIONAL additional cost for this is $25.

stain and waterproofing

If you would like, we will finish your planting table with a durable cedar wood stain and water sealant. This treatment will bring out the color in the wood and drastically slow down the natural cedar aging process. The OPTIONAL additional cost for stain and water sealant treatment on this item is $25. See the picture to the left to decide if you want your order to be natural or stained cedar.

Additional Options

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Raised Planting Tables