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colonial arbor/ swing stand

The Colonial style arbor can support any of our 4, 5 or 6 foot porch swings. Constructed on a 2x4 frame for a swing stand that will last and look good for years.

Prices from $739.99.

deluxe decorative arbor/swing stand

This swing stand/arbor is very large and sturdy enough to support our 4 or 5foot porch swings or swing beds.

Prices from $919.99


This all cedar 4x4 post arbor makes a great gateway to your yard or garden. When posts are set in concrete this also makes a nice swing stand.

Prices from $329.99.

pergola garden arbor/swing stand

All cedar arbor with wide open view for your yard or garden. Will support a porch swing.

Prices from $479.99.

deluxe garden arbor/swing stand

Well over seven feet tall with either five or size feet of walk through width these arbors are truly massive.

Prices from $649.99.

freestanding 4x4 swing stand

The Freestanding 4x4 swing stand

can support either a 4 or 5 foot swing. Made from 4x4 lumbar with a solid base.

Prices from $489.99.

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