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6 foot three-seat adirondack style painted porch swing


Add Hanging Rope instead of Hanging Chain$35.00
Add Stainless Steel Hardware$95.00
Add 2 inch thick, 6 Foot, 17 inch wide cushion (state color on checkout)

Additional Options


These cushions are designed to stand up to harsh weather conditions without fading, staining or developing mildew.  The covers are removable and washable, while the thick 2” foam insert provides luxurious, comfortable support. Each cushion has long ties to assist in attaching it to your porch swing, glider or bench.

More information and color options can be found here.​

Stainless Steel Hardware

If you would like your swing made with ALL STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE, we can do that for you. All screws, bolts, washers, nuts as well as the hanging chain (if that is your hanging choice), will be stainless steel. The OPTIONAL additional cost for this is $60. You can add this option to your shopping cart after you have selected your porch swing.

three-seat adirondack style painted porch swing

The classic design of this 3-seat Adirondack White Porch Swing will accent your patio or porch decor. The wide slats and shaped back produce a pleasing swing, which supports your back as you sit in comfort. 

This swing is made from 100% quality pine wood and solidly built on a 2x6 and 2x3 frame, with 2x6 arms for plenty of support, years of service and great looks. All boards are cut and sanded smooth. The swing is then painted with a semi-gloss latex exterior paint for a great appearance and endurance to hold up for many years outdoors.


Total width - 75 inches
Seat length - 68 1/2 inches
Chain to chain - 73 1/2 inches
Seat back - 19 inches
Seat depth - 19 inches
Arm rest length - 20 inches

If you would like to have this swing built in a custom size just email us for a quote.

Item is securely made in four separate pieces for simple and fast assembly. Just connect the back to the seat and then use the bolts to add on the arm rests and you are done. In about 10 minutes your new swing will be complete. After you fasten the bolts, that we provide for you, all that is left to do is pick a spot to hang your swing.


We use much thicker, stronger, heavier rated chain than you will find just about anywhere else. The chain is rated nearly twice as strong as the standard double loop chain. We also include a very heavy duty set of metal swing-mate springs for a more superior strength and smoother swinging weight distribution. Assembly hardware included totals nearly a $50 value. Heavy duty springs and chain are both rated to hold over 800 pounds.


Our rope is made to look like manilla rope, but because it is poly rope it will not mildew or rot. It is 3/4 inch thick, and is rated stronger than our heavy duty chain. We will provide you with plenty of rope so that you can tie it and hang it from a 10 foot height. Please let us know if you are planning on hanging it from a point higher than 10 feet above the ground. The additional cost of adding rope to your order is $30.


We offer either heavy duty chain with springs or tough, durable rope with which to hang your swing. Chain is the standard option supplied, rope can be added to your shopping cart if you prefer that. You can read more about these options below, and check out our pictures below.